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Treatment for Pregnant COVID-19 Patients

Pregnancy can be a time of joyous anticipation and excitement for women and their families. But the coronavirus pandemic raises concerns. If you haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine, take steps to reduce the risk of infection. Pregnant women who have known or suspected COVID-19 infection need to be evaluated quickly to determine the severity of […]

AMNIOTIC FLUID: What you need to know

What is amniotic fluid? The Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds your baby during pregnancy. It’s very important for your baby’s development. It is a clear, yellow fluid that is found within the first 12 days following conception within the amniotic sac. It is the protective liquid contained by the amniotic sac of a […]

Getting Pregnant During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is still a new disease that we are learning more about each day. We know this has been a scary time for most people globally. Many people are living through their first pandemic, and even just getting household essentials has been a challenge some days. During this time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people […]

Symptoms and Spread of Covid-19

Over the past few months, our world has been flipped upside down. Schools have shut down until further notice. Coffee shops and restaurants have followed suit, only offering takeout options. Offices have told their workers to work from home. The streets and outdoor areas are quiet too. It’s as if our lives are on pause, […]

Understanding Stillbirth

What Is Stillbirth? Stillbirth is the death of a fetus after the 20th week of pregnancy, but before the baby can be delivered.  A stillbirth occurs in about 1 in 160 pregnancies. The majority of stillbirths happen hours before labor, whereas rarely, the fetus may die during labor and delivery. Major Causes of Stillbirth Placental […]

Fetal Movement During Pregnancy

One of the most exciting moments in your pregnancy is when you feel those first little flutters of your baby kicking. These tiny movements reassure you that your baby is developing and help you feel closer to the little life inside of you. Feeling your baby kick, twist, wriggle, punch and hiccup is simply one […]

5 Common Pregnancy Fears And How To Get Over Them

Having a Miscarriage One in four women is likely to have a miscarriage, and very often this can happen with the first pregnancy. Many women live in fear for the first 13 weeks of their pregnancy. When a miscarriage occurs, it is the body flushing out a fetus that might have been growing improperly. Unfortunately […]