When to Stop Working During Pregnancy

Working during pregnancy is a choice. Till the time you are okay to work, you can. Many women prefer to work during pregnancy. In fact, making your mind engaged in something can be a good exercise for your mind which is much needed. But you have to be careful about the work pressure. Do not lean your brain too much into the work. But, apart from all, you have to be careful about your condition. If you can not work anymore you should stop working as your baby’s health is much important than any other things.


Deciding when to stop working before baby makes her appearance is a choice that’s determined by a variety of factors. For many women, pregnancy health and personal comfort are the only reason to stop. We watch our bodies change by the week. We watch our energy level shift. Going to work is more challenging sometimes because growing a baby is using a lot of energy.


Some moms choose to work up until the very last minute in order to save up their maternity leave days for after baby arrives. Others choose a “last day” in advance in order to have a break before their due date, or make arrangements to work from home in the final days.

These two factors usually influence how you decide the right time to stop working:

Your Work Type: Is your job very physical?

As your pregnancy progresses, the many changes your body goes through often creates a strain on your back and legs. Nerves may get pinched. Core muscles weaken and don’t support your back like they did. Swelling may make your legs or feet ache or have shooting pains. Your energy level may not be as robust as it was.

Does your job put you or your baby at risk?      

Are you exposed to toxic chemicals, fumes, machinery, radiation or other workplace factors?

These factors can affect the development of your baby as well as your own health. Pregnancy changes your biology in so many invisible ways.

Pregnancy Health Status:

Has your health or your baby’s health changed?

Whether you’re low risk or high, regular prenatal checkups matter. They are your best bet to discover if you or baby need a change in routine or more rest. If your normal pregnancy health status changes into a more stressed state your work schedule or job may have to change to keep you and baby safe.

3 Signs It’s Time to Stop Working   

  1. You’re losing steam in the middle of the day. Sleepless nights are affecting your daytime performance and causing you to be sluggish, grouchy or forgetful. Plus, you find yourself stressing about all the neglected preparations waiting for you at home.
  2. Sitting and standing are uncomfortable. If seating at your office chair becomes quite stressful for you, then please take this as an alarm to stop your work. If your baby bump is growing and you are feeling heavy day by day there is no point in stressing yourself. Moreover, office work means climbing stairs, carrying files etc. Gradually you may feel that you are having an immense number of problems in standing because you were seating on the chair for a long time. Your body needs rest and your mind too.
  3. You’re having symptoms of early labor. During the later stages of pregnancy, you may notice that you are having early labor symptoms. These symptoms include lower back aches, cramping or spotting. These symptoms immediately need doctor’s attention. That is why you should stop working at that time and meet your doctor as soon as possible.



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