Why You Should Take a BabyMoon

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is essentially a relaxed getaway for expectant mothers and their partners.  It’s the last hurrah before the baby enters your world. Some couples choose to go on a babymoon as their ‘final’ holiday as just a couple before they transition into having a family.

During pregnancy, the relationship you have with your partner goes through a transition. Together, you begin to experience a natural shift between what was and what will be. It’s an exciting, magical and beautiful time that also comes with its share of many sleepless nights, emotional ups and downs and fears and worries.


  • Quality Time with Significant Other

Having a child changes the family dynamic and the baby becomes the center of attention from the moment you give birth. This can sometimes put a strain on couples. By investing time and space to be together for your babymoon, you’ll walk into parenthood more connected than ever.

  • Time to Reflect

How will you want to raise your child? How will you nurture this new relationship as well as old relationships? What do you want your legacy to be a mom? These are all great questions to reflect upon as you are on your babymoon. This will help you be an intentional and conscious parent.

  • Timeout

Getting away from the daily grind is so good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you approach this life-changing event, it can be even more important to get away from the drains of extra rest and relaxation to recharge you for parenting. On a babymoon, you’ll explore new sights, sounds, tastes, and traditions. These fun, spontaneous, and exciting discoveries will take a backseat when your newborn arrives. You’ll do plenty of discovering but it will be of a more local variety.

  • Rest

Parenting is exhausting. It’s wonderful but tiring. Get as much extra rest and relaxation now before baby arrives. Many of us get our best sleep on vacation and can come back feeling rejuvenated. Taking a babymoon is a wonderful way to “recharge” many areas of your life from romance to sleep to adventure. As you enjoy your time away, you’ll come back ready to do your last trimester and welcome your new baby with open arms.

  • Romance

Once you have kids, your sex life will change particularly those 3 months postpartum. It will eventually return to a very satisfying one but there will be some adjustments. Use your babymoon to “stock up” on love to carry you through some more spartan months.

During pregnancy, sex and physical intimacy are incredibly beneficial. For example, it provides better sleep, a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, decreased stress levels to boost self-esteem and happiness, and a comfortable labor and delivery. Also, according to a Danish study, frequent sex may help prevent preeclampsia. Researchers believe it’s because of a protein found in sperm that can regulate the body’s immune system.

  • Dream and plan

Have you put off thinking about baby’s name? Or whether you’ll co-sleep? Or do you a dream nursery you want to create? Now is a great time to tackle these topics while you have uninterrupted time with your partner.


When is the best time to go for a Babymoon?

To play it safe, I always suggest a babymoon right before the 28-week mark. This period proves to be more enjoyable anyway; because the morning sickness is behind you (hopefully) and the exhaustion from the third trimester hasn’t set in.

Always consult your doctor/midwife and doula before traveling and get the thumbs up. It also helps them to know to be on alert if you need them or have any questions. It’s also smart to ask them advice about medical faculties in the area, just in case. The primary goal is to keep you comfortable, but most importantly—healthy.

Remember that your babymoon is about relaxation—so keep your travel day as stress-free as possible. Think carefully about what it will take to get to your destination and be realistic about the time you can take off from work or your everyday life.  Would you be okay sitting on a flight for 3+ hours? Would you instead jet off somewhere more local? These are the questions to ask yourself and to discuss with your partner.






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